Forming the Corporation



Forming the Corporation
Analyze and report the importance of each of the following elements in forming a corporation. Remember to include the definitions and page references as part of your report.
  1. Corporation as a Legal Person
  2. Differences among Domestic, Foreign, and Alien types of corporations
  3. Selecting a name for a corporation
  4. Selecting a state to incorporate within
    As an example of why a majority of organizations, incorporate these two states, review the Delaware and Nevada Corporation Law. Click here to download it.
  5. Establishing a purpose for the corporation
  6. Identifying a registered office with a registered agent
Submission Requirements:
  • Submit your responses in a minimum of a three-page, double-spaced Microsoft Word document. Please make sure you include the title page and the reference page as part of your submission.
  • Cite sources in the APA format.
  • Adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements.
  • Use 12-point Arial font.
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