Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis


CJ328: Forensic Fingerprint Analysis


Ethics can be defined as a set of principles concerning the proper conduct for an individual to follow in their line of work.

Write a Discussion Board post the addresses the following:

·         The qualifications of an expert witness

·         Propose a code of ethics for a forensic scientist to adhere by

Your posting should be a minimum of 100 words and include any references used.


Write a 300-500 word paper on the following topic:

Tactics of Testifying in Course:

This week’s Seminar will provide guidance on testifying in court to include tactics of the defense, pretrial conferences, presentation of evidence using various audio-visual displays, and proper courtroom etiquette. Be prepared to discuss courtroom attire as well as appropriate mannerisms.


Final Essay

As a crime scene investigator, you respond to a homicide scene at a convenience store/gas station at 3 a.m. Upon arrival, the first officer at the scene informs you that there was an additional employee present during the incident as well as a mother and her 15-year-old son who witnessed the crime. You also find a deceased victim with an apparent gunshot wound in the chest.


You are solely responsible for the latent print work and related tasks. For example, you are not to interview anyone. You are not the case detective.

Note the following:

·         The scene has already been secured prior to your arrival.

·         All crime scene integrity precautions and procedures are already in place.

·         Your crime scene photographer has taken all necessary on-scene photographs for you.

·         All sketches and measurements have already been taken.

Other visible items:

·         Paper "Quick Pick" Lottery Ticket on counter with a blood-like impression on it

·         A blue steel .38 caliber revolver with reddish-brown spots and two hair-like fibers on it on the floor by the ice cream cooler

·         A ripped open cardboard carton on the floor in front of the counter

·         A crude map and directions to the store drawn/written in pencil on a piece of notebook paper on the floor

·         A typical cardboard six pack container of cold beer (bottles) on the floor near the beer cooler

·         One spent bullet embedded in the wall behind the counter

·         Spilled cigar box of $20 bills on the floor next to the deceased

·         Fresh-looking cigarette butt only half smoked outside the store in a parking space near the entry to the store

Your Tasks

·         Address the following for each of the eight listed items:

o   Explain what fixed, non-moveable items you would process for latent impressions. What process(es) will you use at the scene?

o   Which of the eight item(s), if any, would not be processed for latent impressions? Why?

o   Where are these items going to be processed?

o   Explain the processing protocols that you would for each item.

o   What steps would you take to determine if any of the people present at the scene may have been involved in the homicide or are merely witnesses?

o   How would you package the evidence that pertains to the fingerprint analysis?

o   Assume down the line that someone has been charged with the offense. An expert witness is called at trial. Discuss the qualifications, training, and experience that one must have to be an expert witness in a court case.

CJ385: Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis


Reply to each topic with 250 word minimum

·         Topic 1-Fire Scenes

Why must a search of a fire scene focus on finding the fire's origin?

·         Topic 2-Taggant Program

Explain the explosive "taggant" program, its purposes, processes, and uses for the investigator.


Write a 300 – 500 word paper on the topic below.

Liquid Explosives-

To prepare for this week's Seminar, review the "Forensics at Work" case reading regarding a terrorist plot to use liquid explosives to destroy commercial airlines in Chapter 15 of Criminalistics, in addition to doing independent research on the case on the Web. This case presented unique challenges to investigators.

In this week's Seminar, be prepared to discuss what you consider to be some of the greatest challenges facing the investigators. You should also be prepared to discuss different classes of flammable liquids and explosives along with some of the techniques used by forensic scientists to identify these materials.

Assignment(2 Assignments)

Project: Bombing Investigations

Please note that this unit contains multiple assignments. Be sure to scroll through the entire section below to meet both requirements for this Unit.

This course project will involve exploration on your part. Much has been written in recent years about terrorist attacks and weapons of mass destruction. Explosives are the weapon of choice for many terrorists as reported by the media on a routine basis.

Your assignment is to identify one or more of those cases and prepare a 1,000-word essay on the bombing investigation and to discuss the types of forensic tests that were used to identify the explosives used in the attack. (If you cannot find any information regarding the specifics of the forensic testing conducted in your case study, discuss how the forensic explosives analysis may have been conducted based on your reading of the text.)

·         Create your project as a Word document

·         Format your essay’s consistent with APA guidelines citing all references.


Unit 9 Assignment: Final Essay

Answer each essay question in a 350- to 500- word response. Be sure to make clear connections to the material learned throughout the course.

Question 1

Describe in detail a series of tests that a forensic drug chemist would conduct in order to identify a white powder as containing cocaine with an approximate purity of 80%. (An excellent answer would include at least four major points.)

Question 2

Describe the proper collection and preservation of paint evidence from an automobile suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run incident. Paint that is foreign to the suspect automobile is observed on the hood. (An excellent answer would include at least four major points.)

Question 3

Discuss the proper collection of evidence at the origin of a fire that is suspected of having been started with gasoline. Describe the proper submission of controls for laboratory examination. (Your textbook lists five major points that are relevant to this question. An excellent answer would include all five points with a brief description or explanation of each.)


Format your essay’s consistent with APA guidelines citing all references.

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