Forensic Accounting


Read the following problems and respond according to the instructions at the end.

  1. How is fraud committed on behalf of an organization (such as financial statement fraud) different from fraud committed against an organization (such as embezzlement)?  In your answer address how the different types of fraud are committed, who usually commits each type, and who benefits from the fraud. 
  2. One of the most controversial topics to affect the accounting profession has been earnings management. Companies sometimes manage their earnings to match analysts’ projections. While the accounting literature doesn’t give accounting professionals a clear definition of earnings management, many people have been critical of companies for managing earnings, saying that most managed financial statements are fraudulent. Discuss the pros and cons of earnings management and determine whether or not earnings management is the same as financial statement fraud.
  3. Discuss the positive and negative effects of regulations on combatting fraud.

Deliverable:  Paper must be in a Word document of three to four pages. Calculations are not required in this assignment but may be included in your paper if you feel that they support your answers. Cite at least three resources supporting your responses. Your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA Requirements.

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