Question :           FISCAL POLICY

1.       Introduction :Select a country and list some important facts about that country (population, exports and imports)

2.       Explain the working of Fiscal policy of that country.

3.       Explain the budget situation of the country with figures and graph for the past 3-4 years.

4.       What type of fiscal policy the country has adopted (expansionary or contractionary) for the past 3-4 years?

5.       The effect of budget on the country (multiplier and crowding out)

6.       Working of automatic fiscal stabilizers.




1.       Introduction: select the same country as for fiscal policy and introduce the Central Bank of that country.

2.       Mention the functions of the central bank

3.       List its responsibilities and its monetary policy (all monetary management tasks) with data and graphs.

4.       How it maintains the financial system stability? (with data if available)

5.       Objectives of monetary policy.

6.       Tools of monetary policy (open market operation, Reserve requirement, interest rate).

7.       Working of multiplier effect on the country.

8.       How the central bank determines the reserve requirement and rate of interest.

Please note: also put some pictures corresponding to the country and the central bank in your project

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    Fiscal Policy : Country of Choice - America.

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