First, define and describe indeterminate and determinate sentencing (answer attached)

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Prepare a 5 - 7 page paper, using American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for formal Assignment submissions addressing the following:

First, define and describe indeterminate and determinate sentencing, and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Provide examples

Second, support an argument for which of the two sentencing models you feel is most likely to be effective at addressing crime from each of the following criminological perspectives: 1) Trait (psychological/biological); 2) Social (structure/process); and 3) Classical/Choice (i.e., deterrence).

Finally, summarize your assessment of these sentencing models. Given your research for this paper, do you feel that one is more likely to be able to reduce crime than the other overall?.

You must provide 5 - 7 outside references, utilizing peer reviewed journal articles where possible.

Your paper must be 5 - 7 pages of content, excluding the title, abstract, properly cite and reference pages


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