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due on Sun, 2012-07-22 02:26
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Financial Analysis problem

I need this done within the next day and a half. It's not a truckload of work, but the price will be reasonable for getting it done in a timely manner.

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baby cake complete solution part A,B,C & D WITH WORKINGS

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Statement of Retained Earnings

xxxx Cakes International xxx
Statement of Retained xxxxxxxx
for the Years xxxxx December xxx xxxx and 2007
xxxxxxxx 31, 2008 xxxxxxxx 31, xxxx
xxxxxxxx Earnings, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx $327,000
xxx income for xxxx68,000 67,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dividends xxxx
xxxxxxxxx Stockxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Total Dividends Paid$22,000 $19,000
Retained Earnings xxxxxxxx xx $421,000xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx Cakes International xxx
xxxxxx Statement
xxx the Years ended xxxxxxxx 31, 2008 xxx xxxx
xxxxx returns 1,0003,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 1,500 xxxxx
xxxxx Discountsxxxxxxxxxx
xxx Salesxxxxxxxxxx$960,000
Cost of Goods xxxx 400,000 390,000
Gross xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Expensesxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Expenses 195,000 165,000
Total xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx $440,000
Income xxxx Operations $185,000xxxxxxxx
Other incomexxxxxx15,000
Other xxxxxxx96,000 48,000
Income xxxxxx Taxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx 41,00030,000
xxx INCOME xxxxxxx $67,000

Balance Sheet

Baby xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Inc
xxxxxxx Sheet
xxxxxxxx 31, xxxx and xxxx
December 31, xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx 2007
Current xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx 398,000 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx84,000 52,000
xxxxxxxx 25,000 18,000
xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx $871,000xxxxxxxx
xxxx Term Investments300,000200,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1,040,000760,000
Total xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx Term xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxx payable x xx due xxxx300,000
Bonds Payable, xxx due 2015 600,000 xxxxxxx
Total Long-term xxxxxxxxxxx $900,000 xxxxxxxx
Total Liabilities$1,190,000 $650,000
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xx stock, xxxx

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