5 case briefings. Finance class. Send handshakes

  1. The case name and the citation will be provided at the conclusion of each question. (Similar to many of the essay questions found in your text) You may “brief” the cases, and for each case properly briefed, you will be awarded one (1) point. A total of five (5) points may be earned by briefing all of the cases cited in the Mid-Term exam. The briefs will be due at the last class meeting before the final exam.   To receive full credit, the “briefs” must be in the format outlined in Appendix A of your text; typed on letter size paper, single spaced; no more then one page per brief, together with your name and class section number in the upper right hand corner and then stapled together in the order that they appear on the mid-term. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in a rejection of the work or a loss of points. (NOTE: The facts of the test question may not be the same facts found in the case opinion and which are required as a part of the “brief”. You must read the opinion from which you will establish the facts associated with the decision.)
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