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You are writing a 2 pages financial journal (with attached table) to your clients discussing your current positions. You are updating your clients about the stock portfolio based on current financial market and economic conditions in recent weeks. You will be discussing your stock portfolio. You pick one stock in your portfolio. It should be a company you want to learn more about. It could be your largest position or your best or worst stock. Go to the company website and look for the Investor Relations tab and find the CEO Letter to shareholder in the latest annual report. What the key points the CEO is emphasizing.


Please use the following questions below in your financial journal:





1. What company are you writing and what is its primary businesses? What is its stock performance since your initial purchase? Please provide its performance and compare to your stock portfolio and the market during the same timeframe?



2. Discuss key comments made by the CEO in its letter to shareholders. If you had a chance to speak to the company CEO or CFO on its conference call, what question would you most like to ask to help you understand if you should stick with owning this stock. Base your question on the points made in the CEO comments.By the way, you can’t ask a CEO why its stock is up or down but you can ask how the company is performing in its business. Be specific. Why is your question relevant.



3. write about amazon company for question 1 & 2

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