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Submitted by ramrog on Fri, 2012-05-18 16:10
due on Tue, 2012-05-22 16:07
answered 3 time(s)
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Finance Class - 419

Please follow directions inside the attachments.. Must show all work

Submitted by shahimermaid on Fri, 2012-05-18 18:06
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price: $10.00

the answer is explained in the simplest way in attached file

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file1.doc preview (246 words)

All questions must xx xxxxxxxxx in one Excel xxxxxxxxx  

Redbird Capital Budgeting xxxxxxx

xxxxx identify or calculate the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx flow, the xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx capital, xxx finally the xxxx cash flow to the firm xx xxx xxxxxxxx It xx these free xxxx xxxxx xxxx you xxxx that are discounted xx the weighted xxxxxxx xxxx of xxxxxxx to calculate the net present value and xxx xxxxxxxx rate of xxxxxxxx

You xxxx assess xxxxxxx to xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx for xxx xxx present value xxx the xxxxxxxx rate xx return.

Redbird, Inc. xx considering xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx operations. xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx


xxxx of the xxx project


Installation xxxxx


xxxxxxxxx unit sales in xxxx 1


Estimated xxxx xxxxx xx xxxx 2


Estimated xxxx xxxxx in xxxx 3


Estimated sales price in xxxx 1


xxxxxxxxx sales price xx year x


xxxxxxxxx xxxxx price xx xxxx x


xxxxxxxx xxxx per

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (942 words)

Week xxxx Individual Problems xxxxx

xxxxx To xxxxxxx xxxxxxx show xxxx xx all problems (It xxx xx shown as xxxxx xx financial calculator xxxxxx as xxxxx xx xxxxxx this sheet or in xxxxxx For instance, xx solving xxx xxx xx xx $ 100 xx xx xxxx x xxxxxx xxx xxxxx demonstrate by listing xxx following: xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx and xx =133.82 (which xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx).

xxCarson xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to expand its regional service center xx xxxxxx xxx The xxxxxxxxx requires xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx new service xxxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxx annual xxx cash xxxxxxx xxxx reduced costs xx operations xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx per xxxx for xxxx of the xxxx eight years. In year eight the xxxx will xxxx xxx xxxx x xxxx xxxx xxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxx xx $1 xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx year eight xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx $3,500,000. xxxxxxxxx xxx project’x NPV using xxxx of xxx following discount rates:





xxBig Steve’xx xxxxxx of

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xlsx preview (266 words)


xxx @ xx xxPVF x xxx xx PVF xxxxxx PVF @ 15%xx
year x ($10,000,000)
year x$2,500,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2252252.252xxxxx2212389.381 0.8702173913.043
xxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2104199.983xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx x $2,500,0000.7721930458.7000.731 1827978.453xxxxx1732625.406 0.658 xxxxxxxxxxx
year x $2,500,000 0.7081771063.028 0.659 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
year x $2,500,000 0.650 xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1242941.838
year x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1490668.317xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.4321080818.990
xxxx 7xxxxxxxxxx0.547 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1204146.027 xxxxx1062651.609 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
year 8 $3,500,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx0.3761316559.516 0.3271144156.208
xxxx 4338914.067 xxxxxxxxxxx 2373085.598 1545205.543
xxxxxxxxxPVF@15%PVxxxxxxx xxPVF@13% PV
year 0($100,000)
xxxx 1$18,000xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx15652.174 0.893 16071.4290.88515929.204
year 2 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13610.586xxxxx xxxxxxxxx0.783xxxxxxxxx
year x $18,000xxxxxxxxxxxxxx0.65811835.292xxxxx 12812.044 xxxxx 12474.903
year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.57210291.558 0.63611439.325xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx 5$18,0000.621 xxxxxxxxx 0.497 8949.181 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.543 xxxxxxxx
year 6 $18,000 xxxxx10160.531 0.432 xxxxxxxx 0.507 9119.360 0.480xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxx0.513 xxxxxxxx 0.376 6766.867 0.4528142.286xxxxx7651.092
year 8 xxxxxxxxxxxx8397.133 xxxxx 5884.2320.4047269.898 0.376 xxxxxxxx
xxxx 9$18,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5116.723 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
year 10 $18,0000.3866939.779 0.2474449.325xxxxxxxxxxxxx 0.2955302.590
xxxxxxxxxx 90337.835 101704.01597672.383
xxxx xxxxxxxxx -9662.165xxxxxxxx-2327.617
PV xxxx xx PV@18% PV
year x xxxxxxxxxx
year xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 148305.085

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Submitted by Smalhotra on Mon, 2012-05-28 05:57
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please find attachment

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xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (121 words)


xxxxxxx Spending = Cost xx Project x Installation xxxx = 1700000+100000 =$18,00,000
xxxxxxxxxxxx per year x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of Years= 1800000/3 = xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx Flow per year
Year 0x x x
xxxxxxx Spendingxxxxxxxxxxx
Operating Cash xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxx40000xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$13,000,000xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx$5,200,000$8,450,000$4,550,000
Less: Depreciationxxxxxxxx $600,000 $600,000
xxxxx xxxxx Cost$40,000 xxxxxxx $40,000
Earning Before xxx$2,160,000xxxxxxxxxx$60,000
Less: xxxxx $864,000xxxxxxxxxx $24,000
Income After xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$36,000
Add: Depreciation $600,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxx Flowsxxxxxxxxxx $2,946,000 $636,000
Working xxxxxxx Requirements
Working Capital Initial xxxxxxxx $60,000
Net Cash Flowxxxxxxxxxxx $1,896,000 xxxxxxxxxx$696,000
xx Its xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Working capital is xxxxxxxxxxx xx end of year 3 xxx would be xxxxxxxx at the beginning of xxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx xxx NPV and xxx of xxx project. xxxx your xxxxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxx xxxxxxxx xx an Excel xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx
Year xxxx Flowxx Factor @ xxxxxxxxxx Value
x xxxxxxxxxxxx1.0000 ($1,860,000)
1 $1,896,000 0.909$1,723,464
3 $696,000xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxx $2,819,556
xxxxxxxxxxx xx IRRxxx



file2.xlsx preview (471 words)


xxx 1
xxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx
Cash xxxxxx
Yearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx PV xxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x2500000 0.84199999999999997 2105000
x 2500000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1930000
x xxxxxxx 0.70799999999999996xxxxxxx
x xxxxxxx 0.65xxxxxxx
625000000.59599999999999997 1490000
7xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1367500
8 3500000xxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxx at xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx
NPV xxxxxxx
Year Amountxxxxxxxxxxx rate@11%PV Inflows
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2252500
x2500000 0.81200000000000006xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
x 2500000 0.59299999999999997 xxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx0.434 1519000
xxxxx Inflows xx PV13296500
xxxxx xxxxxxxx at PVxxxxxxxx
NPV 3296500
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxPV Inflows
x 25000000.88500000000000001xxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1957500
3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1732499.9999999998
425000000.61299999999999999 1532500
x 25000000.54300000000000004 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx 0.42499999999999999 1062500
8 xxxxxxx xxxxx1316000
Total Inflows xx PVxxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx
xxx 2371000
xxxx xxxxxxDiscounting xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
1xxxxxxx 0.86899999999999999 xxxxxxx
2xxxxxxx 0.75600000000000001xxxxxxx
3xxxxxxx 0.657000000000000031642500
4xxxxxxx 0.57099999999999995 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 2500000xxxxx1242500
6 2500000 0.432 xxxxxxx
x2500000 0.376940000
xxxxx Inflows at PV 11536000
Total xxxxxxxx at xx10000000
NPV 1536000
xxx x
xxxx xxxxxxDiscounting rate@15%xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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