For discussion purposes only, consider for the moment you own your own business which annually you make on average a $1 million EBITDA and growing about 2% a year.  You are 60 years old, no rush to retire but Hilton Head golf courses are calling you.  You recieve 3 offers, one offer is an all cash offer of $3.5 million, another offer is for $5 million structured as $2 million cash at closing and a note of $1 million per year for 3 years, and another offer is $10 million, $1 million at closing, $9 million over the next 9 years.

Thinking of the NPV discussions and payback methods, what factors should you consider in trying to make a decision on what offer to accept or not to accept any of the offers?  If you use the NPV concepts, what factors should you consder?  What inputs should you consider in calculating a NPV on each offer or not selling?   What other factors should be considered in making a decision?

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