Final Project: 20%

You will demonstrate your ability to develop teaching materials for the classroom, which are informed by 

theory and research in second language acquisition. The final assignment will consist of five parts. The 

parts may be based on work previously done, but the finished product needs to be a cohesive unit and 

should reflect your understanding of the themes we have discussed during the semester.

• 1. Create* a lesson-final task in detail. Be sure to note the language function(s) it addresses.

• 2. Identify several subgoals that involve both vocabulary and grammar.

• 3. Create* at least two structured input activities for each of two subgoals, one vocabulary, one 


• 4. Create* at least two structured output activities for each of the two subgoals, one vocabulary, 

one grammar.

• 5. Create* two test sections based on the material.

Create ≠ describe; give specific instructions to the students

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