Final Global Business Plan


Integrate Parts 1, 2, and 3 of your global business plan into a formal global business plan and include a 350-word executive summary. The total works should not exceed 2,100 words.

Include the following in your Global Business Plan:

  • Executive summary: recommendations and conclusions in one page
  • Business description: current situation, unique features of the organization, business model, products or services provided, legal forms of organization, mission and vision statement, and overall strategy in context of innovation, globalization and sustainability.
  • Market research: country risk analysis, needs assessment, global and local business opportunities for all stakeholders, and competitive analysis
  • Operations plan: modes of entry; value chain, such as logistics, purchasing, facilities, infrastructure, and so forth; organizational structure; modes of management; staffing; recruiting; training; compensation; expatriate policy; and cross-cultural factors
  • Marketing plan: advertising, promotion, pricing, product, place, distribution
  • Human and Financial plan: Human and capital budgeting analysis including at minimum the NPV and IRR
  • Contingency plan: options and exit strategies

Supporting Material:

  • World Maps
  • Conduct research-using databases in the Univeristy Library such as EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) for country, Economic Info, IBIS World for industry and supply chain and Plunkett Research Online for Market Plan Information.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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