This is a final exam. I would like somebody to write 5 pages for each question following the instructions below. Your answers should be from your own words after reading the course readings I have attached.




It is not a research paper, so , there is no citation required.  But you have to make sure that you do not plagirize. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are not going to follow the instructions, do NOT WASTE MY TIME. PLUS, IT is important that you SEND IT ON TIME. I am looking for  good quality answers. I am sure you will do it well if you read the unitis I attached.



Please read and follow these instructions carefully. 

• You must answer two (2) questions in total: Clearly indicate, by number, which questions you 

answer. All students must answer question 1, and either question 2 or 3.

• Answers must be typed and double-spaced with standard (min 2 cm) margins on all sides of the page and 

should not exceed 5 pages (These limits will be rigidly enforced).

• You may draw on the relevant course readings, and are not required to do additional research beyond course 

readings and notes and material Study Units. However, answers that simply reproduce Study Units notes, or 

copy from readings, will receive zero. 


Answer two (2) questions. 

1. “International law and international organizations are epiphenomenal – i.e., although they exist, they are 

ineffective in influencing the behaviour of states or in shaping the course and outcomes of international events.” 

Discuss with reference to the role of international law and organizations in any particular issue-area and 

provide relevant examples.   YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THIS FIRST QUESTION 

2. “Peace is more than the absence of war.” Discuss with reference to the some of the newer peace strategies 

being implemented by the UN (and regional organizations) and provide appropriate examples to support 

your arguments. 

3. “International law has traditionally operated within a state-centric paradigm where maintaining order among 

sovereign entities was given priority over justice. Some observers argue that contemporary challenges have 

revealed the limitations of the traditional state-centric paradigm and have led to a greater emphasis on achieving 

justice.” Do you agree, why or why not? Provide relevant examples to support your arguments 

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