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 Need in 45 Min.

Directions: Please provide a short answer/essay to each question.  Make sure you properly cite using APA, case law, and the applicable Federal rules of evidence or Constitutional amendment(s) applicable to support your answer.


  1. List three duties of an officer at a crime scene that will aid the prosecution at trial.

  2. During an officer’s testimony, what should an officer do when the prosecutor has overlooked what seems to be a crucial element of the questioning?

  3. Describe appropriate court attire for the police officer.

  4. List some ways in which an officer can improve his or her skills as a witness.

  5. Describe three mistakes an officer should avoid in order to not have a negative impact on the jury.

  6. How can the officer portray to the jurors the best possible impression of himself or herself as a police officer?

  7. Describe the two ways in which a judge may respond to an objection.

  8. How can an officer’s testimony endanger the efforts of the prosecution?

  9. Why must the officer avoid any display of emotion as a spectator in the courtroom?


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