Final exam


Final Exam: PUB 622-20
Select any four (4) questions. You will write 4 essays. Each essay will be 2-3 pages. Total number of pages should be 8-12 pages. Use standard font sizes (ex: Times 12). When completed, upload one document with the four essays to the final exam section of the Moodle site.  Each essay must include the essay question.

You can use the textbook and any other academic sources (Please do not use Wikipedia). Be sure to cite appropriately using APA. Remember to cite when you use the words, thoughts, or ideas of others.  Please work alone.

1)      How has globalization affected nonprofits in the US and throughout the world? What are key forces that are going to shape nonprofits in America?

2)      What can be done to improve board performance? Will we see greater demands for boards and their members to be more accountable than is the case today?

3)      What would be the implications of governments making tax-exempt status more restrictive as a way to develop more tax revenue?

4)      What key trends and dynamics do you believe are most likely to affect the nonprofit sector of the future? What are the ways that you predict nonprofit accountability will change?

5)      What is the essence of effective nonprofit organization executive leadership? What are the connections between leadership and strategy?

6)      What is social entrepreneurship and how is it different from strategic management? Why is social entrepreneurship gaining such strong interest in the nonprofit world?

7)      Some nonprofit leaders believe it is wrong to engage in advocacy.  How would you respond to their perspective to try to change their minds?

8)      Many nonprofit organizations are becoming members of service delivery networks.  In what ways might the considerations for joining a service delivery network be the same as those for alliances, and in what ways might there be different or additional considerations?

9)      What is accountability? Where in the process of strategic planning would it be most relevant and important to import organizational effectiveness information?

10)   What are some of the legal and ethical challenges that are most likely to arise in the course of operating an effective human resource system? 


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