Film History


It is review of historical-related visual cultural media. These can include feature and documentary films, television shows, music videos, etc. They should deal with US and/or transnational histories. For each paper, choose four visual cultural titles. These should pertain to:

  1. white supremacy/race relations/African-American/black-transnational histories
  2. hetero-patriarchy (gender)
  3. queer representations/sexuality
  4. class/economic inequalities
  5. national identities
  6. transnational issues
  7. representations of histories as a political act


Once you choose your four visual cultural titles, choose four academic texts (books, journal articles, .edu websites, etc.) corresponding to your visual cultural items. These should be incorporated throughout the paper as footnotes and/or parenthetical references and used to provide a broader understanding/context to your four visual cultural items. The paper should be four-pages plus a one-page works cited page listing the four academic texts (MLA format).

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