federal law enforcement agency


Using online sources, choose one federal law enforcement agency, one state police agency, one county sheriff's department, one tribal police agency and one local police agency.  For each of them, provide the following data:

  • Name of agency
  • Agency URL
  • Geographic area served (name, size of area ex.: XYZ county which encompasses 144 square miles in state of ABC)
  • Number of persons served (population)
  • Total number of employees
  • Total number of sworn law enforcement officers
  • Total number of UCR PART I crimes for 2013 (exclude federal agency).  The totals should be cumulative, you do not need to list individual crimes.
  • Be sure to list your sources

As to the format of the assignment, you can use a narrative form or a bullet point form.  The submission must have your name and the due date of the assignment in the upper left hand corner.  Please use a 12 point font and one inch margins all around.  Your submission must be compatible with Microsoft Word

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