Feasibility studies report on developing business ideas ( & bringing the business into a Bazaar)




Report should be between 4 to 6 pages (A4 size paper, Arial font size 12.

Single spacing.)


Any relevant diagrams, photographs, newspaper articles, etc. are to be

included in the appendix). Appendix page are excluded in the required page for

the report


 Going into a Bazaar

The report MUST include the following:


Business idea                                                                  

·         Idea generation: How did the idea come about?

·         Feasibility of idea: Why is it a suitable product or service for the bazaar?

·         Sourcing and pricing of product/services: How will the business be organized such as sources of goods, whether on consignment basis, proposed pricing range, etc.

            Scanning the Business Environment                          

·         Nature of industry

·         Identify industry/market trend


·         Feasibility studies/competitive analysis: Porter’s 5 forces, SWOT

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