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My name is yousef and my nationality is kuwaiti. First of all i want to talk about my family tree and where theyre from and how they ended up in kuwait. my great grand father "Abdullah" os from suadi arabia and his wife "maryam" are both from saudi arabia from a tribe called "bani tamim tribe" you can talk about this tribe history. After that my grandfather was born and his name is Sultan. He is the only son of my grand parents. My grandfather was a well known business man when he grow up in saudi arabia then he desided to visit to iraq an area called "Zubayr" for business when he was 20 years old where he met his wife "sara" which is my grandmother. After a year he got his first son "Faisal" who was born in iraq he moved to kuwait with his wife and stayed there since after got a house in kuwait city. Then he got a another child a girl this time her name is "hanan" who worked in the airport and she has 2 kids who work as a police officers and after he got a son who he named "saleh" who has a son who studies in california" and after that comes my father "Mubarak" who has 3 boys and 1 girl. First is Hamad he is a 26 years old pilot. Me Yousef 23 years old student in Arizona State and my young brother "Rakan" who is in his senior year in highschool and hes a hockey player. After that comes my young sister "sara" shes 10 years old. My mom is called "Hanadi" she got married to my father when shes was 21 that was in 1985. my family from my parents side are half Kuwaiti half Jordanian. Her father is from jordan he lived there but moved to kuwait in the early 1950 where he meet my grandmother who is from an area called "AlJahra" in Kuwait and she also from the tribe called "Bani tamim" they have 2 sons and 2 daughters "Saeed oldest" "samer" "sahar" and my mom "hanadi" my grandfather used to work in the oil company while my grandmother also worked in the Airport. 

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