for Faith Powerpoint presentation


Build on the work from the Week 2-4 assignments.

Incorporate faculty feedback from through previous weeks.

Develop a 16-slide presentation of the research brief for the executive team at the business using the following from all parts of the project:

  • Describe the business problem to be solved through the research.
  • Discuss the significance, scope, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a solution to the issue, opportunity, or problem.
  • Explain the research question, hypothesis, and variables.
  • Determine the statistical tests to be used and why they are to be used.  Are the selected test inferential or descriptive? Why were these selected?
  • Discuss the research design.
  • Determine the sampling method.
  • Describe the instrument developed or selected.
  • Describe the overall data analysis approach.
  • Describe the method for reporting results.
  • Discuss the ethical considerations of the research.
  • Discuss what conclusions should be made if the hypothesis is found to be rejected or not rejected.
  • Discuss the timing and resources required to conduct this effort.
  • Discuss how the insights that result from this study might be used to influence and improve business processes or to attempt further research.

Cite a minimum of three scholarly sources.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

No Plagiarism Please!!

I have uploaded the two previous assignments that will be related to the pp. also i have uploaded 5 scholarly articles so you can choose (3) from the five to source from

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