Fabble narrative


Go to http://www.nationalgeographic.com/grimm/ to read one of the classic stories authored

by the Grimm Brothers in the nineteenth century. Identify the main idea/thesis and rewrite the

fairy tale into a story that applies to today’s society, ensuring that the story idea remains the

same. Just as with an essay, there must be details that support the thesis. Organize your tale

into an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Consider introducing the story in the introduction and creating a thesis statement at the end of

the introduction that contains the story’s moral as well as an overview of the story’s main


Sample Thesis Statement: “When Cinderella disobeyed her step-mother and went to her high

school prom, she was grounded and wasn’t allowed to even attend classes, which resulted in

Child Protective Services removing the step-mother from the home and showing how good

always prevails over evil.”

After you create the thesis statement, rewrite the fable in the body paragraphs using

chronological order. Be sure to sum up the story’s main points as well as the moral in the


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