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Extra Credit Peer Edit:If you wish to have your job-application packet peer-edited and earn a little extra credit at the same time, this is the place to do so. 5 points for posting your rough draft by Thursday; 5 points for offering one or two specifically helpful comments to someone else, and up to 15 more points for a thorough and helpful review of somebody else's draft in a separate file by Saturday, including considerations of these:

  • Is it on target for the assignment? (If not, note changes that would bring it into alignment with the Project 4 assignment.)
  • Does it reflect what the book says about effective chronological résumés and job-application letters? (How might it be improved to do so better?)
  • Is the language clear and correct? (Make sure to note any potential errors or awkward or unclear spots that you think the writer should double-check.)
  • In the résumé descriptions of work experience, has the writer used precise language (relying on precise verb use)? Has the writer emphasized material that would be more important to his or her audience, based on the job description? Has the writer made good use of parallel structure (both for headings and for descriptions) to help make the résumé easy to follow (because it is "coherent" as defined by TC)? Is there anything that could be left out? Is there anything that should be expanded upon because it's more relevant to the position being applied for?
  • In the cover letter, has the writer provided clear descriptions of work and education experience--including concrete examples of projects carried out or specific work activities that show the writer really has the skills and knowledge necessary for the job? In other words, has the writer shown his or her competence through concrete examples rather than simply telling what his or her abilities are? Has the writer made good use of transitions and other coherence devices that help the writing to "flow"--to be easy to read and follow in such a way that the reader will have a better chance of remembering this applicant (in a good way)? Please offer suggestions for specific ways the writing might be improved.

As always, do remember to comment on what is working well along with noting places andways the project could be improved

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