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The highway speeds of 100 cars are summarized in the frequency distribution below. If you construct a histogram from  the frequency data, does the distribution appear to be skewed, normal (bell-shaped), or uniform?








Question 2

Which score  has  the higher relative  position:  a score of 55 on a test for which the  mean  is 43 and s=10,  a score  of 5 on a test for  which the  mean  is 4 and  s=.8 or a score of 435.5  on a test for  which the mean  is 396 and  s=44?


Question 3

The following data  sets  give the ages  in years of a sample  of cars  in a faculty  parking  lot and a student parking lot.

Faculty:  2 3LOL24332L

student: 5 6 8 2 7 LO  1 4 6 10 9

It appears  from  the  data  that the  following  is true:


Questlon 4

What would  be the highest  level of measurement for  a salesperson's  performance:  Below  average, average,  above  average?


Question 5

The race  speeds for  the top ei8ht cars  in a 200-mile race  are  listed below.  Use  the range rule  of thumb  to find  the  standard deviation.

189.1    185.9  L89.2182.4175.6  784.2  L88.3  177.2


Question 6

What would be the highest  level of measurement to describe  the names of a company's  new products?


Question 7

What  would  be the highest  level of measurement for the  room  temperature  in a CEO'S  office?


Question 8

Television  station  WXYZ  wants  to know  the proportion  of ry owners in Virginia who watch  the station's new program at least  once  a week.  The station asked  a group of 1000  TV owners in Virginia  if they watch the  proBram  at least  once  a week.  500, or 50%,  responded  they  do watch the program  at least once  a week.  The population  of this study is


question 9

Three  men  are trying  to make the football  team as punters.  The coach had  each of them punt the  ball 50 times  and  distances  recorded.  The mean,  median,  and standard  deviation  for each punter  is  recorded below. Which  punter  appears  to be the  most consistent?


Question  10

The annual numbers  of arson  crimes  for  a random sample  of 12 California  suburban  areas  of about the same size  are:


Question  11

The colors  of dogs at a dog  show  is an example  of which type of data?


Question  12

A polling  firm,  hired to estimate the likelihood of the passage  of an up-coming  referendum,  obtained  the set of survey  responses to make  its estimate.  The  encoding  system  for  the data is: o=FoR, 1=AGAINST.  Lf the referendum  were  held  today, estimate the probability  that it would  pass.


Question  13

Which of the  following  could not  be a probability?


Question  14

Frank's  Furniture  employees  earned  the following  amounts last  week:

s37s.s1  s339.04 s180.97  s421.73  ss16.s6

s370.13 s466.92 s15s.2s  s457.10

What  was  the  mean  amount  earned by an employee last  week?


Question  15

Use z-scores  to determine  whether  the value  is  unusual.  Consider  a score unusual  if it is < -2.00  or > 2.00 A weight  of 225  pounds  among  a population  having a mean  weight  of 161 pounds  and  a standard deviation  of 23 pounds.


Question  L6

A class of sixth  grade  students kept accurate  records  on the  amount  of time  they spent playing  video games  during a one-week period. The  times  (in hours)  are  listed below:


Question 17

Find the variance:

4, 11, 11, 2, 8


Question  18

When  designing  a new thrill ride  for  an amusement park,  the  designer  must consider  the  sitting  heights of males.  Listed below  are  the  sitting  heights  (in millimeters)  obtained  from a simple random sample  of adult  males.  Use  the given  sitting  heights  to construct a frequency distribution.  Use  a class width of 10 mm  and  use 870  mm  as the lower class limit of the  first class.


Question  19

Use  the  data above  on sitting  heights. Use your frequency table to construct a histogram. Based on the result, does the distribution appear to be uniform, normal (bell-shaped), or skewed?


Question 20

A company  performs  quality  control  on its juice bottles. It find that the volumes of juice in its 16 ounce bottles have a mean of 16.3 ounces and a standard deviation of 0.09 ounces. Use the range rule of thumb to estimate the minimum and maximum “usual” volumes. 

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