Mupila's inc. sold the rights to use one of its parented processes that will result in cash receipts of 2,500 at the end of the next four years and a lump sum receipt of 4000 at the end of the fifth year. the total present value of these payments if interest is at 9% is?

a. 10699

b. 11468

c. 12100

d. 14000


Parker State Inc. offers a new employee a lump-sum signing bonus at the date of employment. Alternatively, the employee can take 8000 at the date of employment plus 20000 at the end of each of his first three years of service. assuming the employee's time value of money is 10% annually, what lump sum at employment date would make him indifferent betweeen the two options?

a. 23026

b. 57737

c. 62711

d. none of the above

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