Ewaste Presentation


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This assignment requires you to use more presentation tools and allows you to be creative. It switches gears and addresses the disposal of our technology devices and gadgets. To begin, get familiar with the topic and view the videos and then create an original presentation about "e-waste." Review the resources in the previous activity if needed.

E-Waste Hell (Links to an external site.) Duration: (17:44)  
[E-Waste Hell TranscriptPreview the documentView in a new window]
Electronic Wasteland (Links to an external site.) 


Duration: (12:41)  
[Electronic Wasteland TranscriptPreview the documentView in a new window]


After viewing the e-waste videos refer to:

    1. Top Ten Slide Tips (Links to an external site.), GarrRenolds.com Website
    2. PowerPoint Training Videos (Links to an external site.)

Presentation Requirements:

  • Follow slide design best practices
  • Cover slide, 4-5 content slides, summary, and sources slide
  • Minimum of four images
  • Verbal content of presentation (what you would say if you delivered it in person) entered into slide notes (Links to an external site.)
  • Your presentation file must be in .pptx format

E-waste is not only a very interesting and exciting topic, but it is very relevant in today's world of creating a global environment. Feel free to exceed the minimum requirements on this assignment.

Important: The presentation must be original (student created) for this assignment; recycled files and templates are not permitted.

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