The Evolution of the Global Free Market Economic System

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Paper instructions:


What are the three most influential intellectual, historical, or political forces that have shaped the system of free market capitalism that characterizes the economy of the United States at the end of the twentieth century? Please choose these forces from subjects that we have discussed in class and/or addressed in the assigned readings.

This essay is an exercise in logic and analysis. Be deliberate in choosing forces  that explain how and why the global free market economic system has develop. The forces you choose are your thesis. You then need to support your thesis with an argument that is well reasoned, supported by the critical facts from the readings and from class discussions, and concise. Be sure to get right to the point and to use supporting evidence that is the most relevant to your argument.

In-text citations of sources should indicate the name of the author, date of publication, and page number in parentheses: (Pomfret 2011:55). No list of references is necessary unless you use sources other than the class readings.

Length: five pages–typed, 1.5 spacing, 12 point font.


Format or citation style: APA

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The Evolution of the Global Free Market Economic System

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