Ethics and Moral Reasoning week 1 quiz

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1. In “Active and Passive Euthanasia”, Rachels claims that if a person desires active euthanasia: (Points : 1)

      [removed] they have decided that death is no greater an evil than their continued existence.
      [removed] they have shown themselves incapable of moral reasoning.
      [removed] they must be suffering from a severe psychological disorder.
      [removed] they are likely being manipulated by others.


Question 2. 2. According to Glaukon from the “Ring of Gyges” excerpt from Plato’s Republic, people are: (Points : 1)

      [removed] Naturally egocentric
      [removed] Naturally self-sacrificing
      [removed] Naturally just
      [removed] Naturally benevolent


Question 3. 3. In the article “Trying Out One’s New Sword,” what does Mary Midgley mean by “moral isolationism”?  (Points : 1)

      [removed] The view that each individual moral value or concept is isolated from all others.
      [removed] The idea that cultures are so isolated from each other that people cannot understand, and thus cannot pass moral judgment upon, the practices of another culture.
      [removed] The claim that we should isolate those who fail to act morally.
      [removed] The view that being isolated from morality is necessary for authentic self-realization. 


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