Ethics and the Environment Case Study Presentation Outline

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Ethics and the Environment Case Study Presentation Outline

Develop an outline for the Ethics and the Environment Case Study. Each case study should address the following:


·         Describe the historical development of the issue in the article.


·         Identify the stakeholders involved in the issue and explain the nature of their involvement.


·         Examine the long-term effects of the issue on the environment.


·         Describe the perspectives of the major stakeholders—for example, scientific, economic, aesthetic, or societal—and analyze how these perspectives have influenced how the issue has been addressed.


·         Identify the environmental theories and ethical positions of each stakeholder, and identify how these theories and ethics have influenced how the stakeholder has addressed the issues.


·         Describe the responsibilities that arise from the ethical positions of the stakeholders involved.


·         Describe how the issue has been or should be resolved.


Create a preliminary Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to serve as the outline, and include speaker notes with complete proofread sentences.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

·         All references used for this assignment should be included on your reference page, and the references should be in APA format.

·         Select one team member of the Learning Team to submit the Case Study Presentation Outline to their assignment section.  This should be done once everyone in the Learning Team has agreed on a final Case Study Presentation Outline.  The discussion regarding the Case Study Presentation Outline should be kept within your respective Learning Team until the agreed upon final Case Study Presentation Outline is concluded.



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