Ethical Issue Analysis Directions

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For this assessment task, you are to analyze an ethical issue of your choice. The ethical issue must be of state, national, or global importance. You may develop this assignment in a PowerPoint format or Report


Topics Framed as Questions


1.  Select an ethical issue. Please do not select an issue that you are dogmatic about, if you are unable to set aside your dogmatism to analyze the issue objectively.

2. Frame the ethical issue in the form of a question. NOTE: This is an extremely important step. If you don't focus your analysis on one specific element of an issue, you will end up with an unmanageable topic to analyze in the time frame provided for this assignment. Please see the Topics Framed as Questions for a sample of topics you could use. If you use a topic from this list, you do not need to "reframe" the question as the topic is presented in question form. Please submit to your instructor, via email, the issue you are selecting and the question you developed to frame the issue.  Send this at least five days before the assignment due date (not including the 48 hour window). You will earn 5 extra credit points on your scoring guide if you submit your issue/question and it is approved at least five days before the assignment due date. 

3.  See the Ethical Issue Analysis Outline - Develop your ethical issue analysis by completing the requirements listed in the outline (see below).  If you are developing a PowerPoint for this assignment, develop one or more slides for each of the items listed below.  If you are developing a Report, each topic/section should be a different "page" on your report.

Ethical Issue Analysis Outline 

I. Ethical Issue: Frame the ethical issue in the form of a question.  (See Topics Framed as Questions for examples of how an ethical issue should be framed).


II.      Background of the Issue:

A.   Questions relevant to the issue (include at least five questions)

B.   List and Definition of terms/concepts relevant to the issue 

   Brief timeline history of the issue (NOTE: This can be quite complex and could be an entire book; you need to be brief.....provide a summary of the history of the issue in an itemized list or timeline in your report or if doing a PowerPoint, using two or three PowerPoint slides).  Include at least 10 events/items pertaining to the history of the issue.   You are encouraged (but not required) to use a web-based timeline software to create a timeline history of your issue (provide a link in your blog or powerpoint) to your timeline if you create it using a timeline web-based site).  The following are potential timeline sites are recommended for creating your timeline:

o   xtimeline (;

o   Timetoast (;

o   Timeglider (;

o   Dipity (;

o   TikiToki (

III.    Pro/Con Points of View NOTE: Summarize TWO different points of view about the issue using at least two sources for each point of view. NOTE: There may be multiple points of view. You need to select two for this assignment.   Provide facts and evidence relevant to each point of view

IV.  Ethical Values Relevant to Each Side of the Issue.  
NOTE: Describe the ethical values that are relevant to the points of view (see the PowerPoint about ethical values in Learning Plan 3 and 4 to make sure you are discussing ethical values).   Remember that each side in an ethical issue is guided by ethical values.

V.  Ethical Theories Applied to the Issue.  NOTE:  Apply THREE ethical theories to the points of view.  Describe how the ethical theories are relevant to the points of view.  The Ethical Theories are covered in Learning Plan 3.  

VI.    Course of Action that provides "Common Ground.” NOTE: Recommend a course of action that takes into account both points of view about the issue and provides a “common ground” to bring the points of view closer together.  

VII. Personal Reflection.  Your personal reflection should address the following: 

  Your personal assumptions and beliefs about the issue and how those assumptions and beliefs were formed through your socialization (your background/experiences).  

B.  A course of action you would take regarding this issue (e.g. write letters, protest, campaign, volunteer, etc).  

An Ethical Theory that best fits your values and beliefs about this issue NOTE: Explain how the theory applies to your thinking about the issue.  

D.  How your views about the issue have changed OR developed as a result of completing the ethical issue analysis.  NOTE:  A response that your views have not changed OR developed is not acceptable.  You do not need to "change" your opinion about the issue, but if you have completed this assignment appropriately, you should have some new insights about the complexity of the issue or new information to consider about the issue.   

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Do not copy and paste information from the Internet into your responses. You must summarize content from your sources. You may use quotes (information taken word-for-word) to support the information you summarize. However, in both cases, you must provide APA formatted in-text citations as well references for the sources you cite.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Make use of the Ethical Issue Webliography in your eCollege course. The sources offer a great deal of information for many different issues.

4.  Conduct research on your chosen topic.  Use a variety of resources (4 or 5 resources). 

Also see the 
Webliography - Ethical Issues LP 5 for numerous recommended resources for this assignment.

 Do NOT use the following sources as references for this assignment. 

  • Wikipedia
  • Wiki answers
  • Blogs
  • Chat rooms

Also, if you access a source that provides only one point of view, you need to access a source that provides an opposing point of view.  For example, if you rely on the NRA website for information on Gun Control, you will need to access a website or source that presents a point of view that supports Gun Control.  

 5.  Complete your report in PowerPoint or in a Report format.  


    • Include APA-formatted in-text citations for the textbook and other sources you use for this analysis.
    • List your references in APA format at the end of the powerpoint or on the appropriate pages of your blog. 
    • Check out the Webliography for APA resources.  


1.  Format your assignment a PowerPoint or in a Report.  


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