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M3A1: Topic Proposal/Research Question and Brief Outline for Essay 2: Ethical Dilemmas in the Military

This assignment is the first step to completing M4A1: Essay 2 in which you will write about ethical dilemmas that confront either an individual or a group in a military setting. Please review the readings to get some ideas for your topic. The learning outcome states: Students will be able to apply concepts of: ethical conduct in decision making, ethical conduct in action, social responsibility in decision making, and social responsibility in action.

Begin working on M4A1: Essay 2 Ethical Dilemmas in the Military (due in Module 4), by defining an ethical dilemma that confronts either individuals or groups in the military. A group may include any multi-person unit, from a squad all the way to the entire armed forces.

  • Here are your instructions for this M3A1 assignment that will form the foundation of your Essay 2 (due in Module 4):Create a research question from this ethical dilemma. For example:
    1. Ethical dilemma: Appropriate disposal of surplus military hardware
    2. Research question: “What are the risks and benefits of selling older military hardware (for example, HumVees and body armor) to local police forces in the U.S. ?”
    3. Create a short (2+ pages) outline for this research question detailing how you will examine both perspectives objectively and then use research facts and data to arrive at a responsible conclusion.
    4. List 2 academic resources you will be using, one for each perspective. Give complete APA style references for each.

Essay 2, DUE in Module 4, should be 1500 to 2000 words in length (not including title page and reference page). The paper must contain in-text citations and references in APA style. Papers submitted without in-text citations and a reference page will not be accepted.

Refer to the Excelsior College Library and the Excelsior College OWL for tips on citing and how to avoid plagiarism. If you did not dream it up, then you must cite it!


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