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Fall 2014 Makeup Essay Test 1 – Roomberg


Answer all four questions.  Each question is worth 25 points and each answer should be a minimum of one typed page long (single spaced).  You may use your book or any other source for information, but you may NOT copy your answers directly from any source.  The purpose of an essay test is to ensure you understand the material, so your answers are expected to be a synthesis of materials learned, not a copy of what is written somewhere.  If you use a quote (for illustration purposes only—meaning that you already have made your point, you just think the quote will support what you already have answered), you must provide a citation for that source.  DoNOT use a quote as your entire answerAny unattributed quotations or the use of copied materials to answer the question, even if attributed, will result in a zero on that question.  Your essays MUST be typed (12 point type); margins should be 1”.  Please include your name, your section, and the date on the first page.  Email me your answers by the date I have given to you.  


1. Describe in detail the structure of a typical county government in Texas.  You may use a chart to make your written answer more clear if you wish.  How does this structure reflect the decentralized character of state government?  Be sure to note which county offices are elected and which are appointed, and explain the function of each office.


2. Discuss the regional characteristics of the state of Texas. How have these regions changed since they were first settled? Be specific and give examples.


3. What are the purposes of a state constitution?  How well does the Texas Constitution of 1876 fulfill the purposes of a state constitution? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Texas constitution? What are the historical reasons for the way the current constitution is written?  


4. What criteria must a city meet to become a home rule city?  If a city cannot become a home rule city, what is it?  List and explain in detail the four basic types of city government found in home rule cities in Texas.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?  Which is the most popular type of city government in Texas's home rule cities and why?  Under what form of government does San Antonio function?






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