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Question 1

What difficulties did former slaves face in the months and years after freedom was secured with the passage of the 13th Amendment?  How did they respond to these difficulties?  Explain, making sure to support your arguments with specific evidence.

Remember to cite your facts and to give details. Discuss new conditions in regards to laws, opportunities, migration, racism and education.


Question 2

Examine, in detail, the abolitionist movement from the Revolutionary era to the start of the Civil War, making sure to explain the different tactics and goals of the abolitionists and mention major figures in the movement.  Who do you believe was the most significant abolitionists, and why?  Defend your answer with specific evidence.

Remember to cite your sources and to discuss all key figures involved in the Abolitionist movement to prove your points.


Question 3

What roles did African Americans play during the American Revolution?  Did the Revolution benefit African Americans?  Explain why or why not, making sure to support your answer with specific evidence. 


Question 4

Compare, in detail, the development of slavery in colonial North America.  How and why did slavery emerge as the dominant labor force in some areas and not in others?  How did geography affect slaves?  Be specific in your answer, makin sure to support you answer with specific evidence. 





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