BSAD 270 Business Ethics Essay Exam 

Write short essays on the following (up to 1 typed page each) 

1. (Evolution of ethical theory as applied to individual and organizational behavior in business over historical periods.) Comment on this statement:  "The United States has been exporting the idea that the invisible hand of free-market capitalism can solve the troubles of mankind and guides societies toward greater happiness and prosperity as a result of the increased availability of products and services."  Look at how this idea has evolved over time and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this statement. Use our text: Stanwick & Stanwick. Understanding Business Ethics for this essay. (20 points) 

2.  Business concerns including conflicts of interest, employer/employee relations, whistle blowing and corporate loyalty, workplace privacy, discrimination and financial misconduct. (Choose two of these topics and write essays on them) ½ page each (Use our text: Stanwick & Stanwick as a reference. Ex. in ch. 13 there is a section on whistle blowing)(20 points) 

3.(Analyze historical ethical theories across diverse organizational and individual experiences using primary ethical texts.) Examine Kant's Categorical Imperative and trace the evolution of  the rights of man from the American Revolution through other periods in U.S. history such as the Civil War, Women's Suffrage Movement, 1948 UN  Declaration of Human Rights, Civil Rights Movement, Patriot Act.  What are the inalienable rights of humans? (see file Moral Philosophers Summaries .pdf and Link to Moral Philsophers.pdf) (20 points) 

4.(Compare and contrast  contemporary ethical issues in light of historical, current and emerging ethical thought and expression in the global business environment.) Consider the impacts of globalization: globalization of the lowest cost of production. This trend has existed since the beginning of the colonial period, throughout the industrial revolution into the present. What are the responsibilities of global corporations whose power is greater than that of many of the nations in which they do business? Who protects the rights of the people in those countries?  Who do these corporations answer to?  Write an essay and consider the ethical theory of one of the philosophers to serve as context for your evaluation. (Use theories of Kant, Kierkegaard, Buber, or Secretan  )(see file Moral Philosophers Summaries .pdf and Link to Moral Philsophers.pdf) (20 points) 

5.  Write an essay about the importance of the Triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental sustainability. (Read McKee Chapter 15: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for background context) (20 points)

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