Submit a 2 to 3 page analysis paper (APA format - Times New Roman font style; 12 font size; double-spaced; 1” margins). Select an article that is current and comes from valid sources – articles located in your textbook or research journals (do not rely on internet searches only). The paper must demonstrate an understanding of an aspect research/academic psychology (traditional areas include: cognitive psych, physiological psych, social psych…but other areas will be permitted in this assignment).


When writing the papers, DO NOT rewrite the article! Format the paper to reflect on:
What? (What did I learn from the article as it relates to this class? What is new, interesting, challenging?)
So what? (What difference does this make? How is it relevant to me? How could this be relevant to my current body of knowledge about psychology or career path?)
Now what? (In the future, what might I say, think, read or do differently? How am I able to apply the concepts that I read about?)

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