Reflective Paper


            The topic of my FSP impacted my writing because it forced me to take a new approach in thinking about the concept of “Planet Frankenstein.” Going into this FSP, I thought this topic will just be about Frankenstein and going through the book along with the different films, however this was not the case. As a class, we did read the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, however we also analyzed similar elements that related to Frankenstein. Getting closer to the end of my FSP course, I realized that the course was mainly focused on nature and environmental issues that exist. Normally in my high school, I focused on analyzing novels based off the essays questions, which mostly focused on character analysis and the bigger picture of the novels. With my FSP course, I had to look at the essays from different lenses– specifically, through the viewpoint of nature. This was different because this was my first time reading multiple novels that dealt with environmental issues and then looking for ways to address them. Going through the essays and grasping the overall idea of the course helped strengthen my writing because I understood the purpose of reading the novels. As I read, I looked for evidence that talked about nature because, ultimately, our essays came back to that topic. Being able to understand the texts allowed my writing to become stronger because this allowed for deeper analysis when looking back into the text for evidence.

Content Knowledge

The essay that was the most complex was essay two. The novel read for essay two was Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolverand this book was complex because it was split up into three chapter models, with different characters within each chapter type. I was required to choose one of the male/female pairs and analyze their opposing viewpoints on the natural world and the non-human world. It was difficult to both choose which character pair I wanted to write about and understand their differing perspectives. This required me to look for the chapters with the characters Deanna and Eddie and look for what they believe about nature. Deanna loved nature and this was reflected through her life when she lived in the mountains to protect the wildlife. However, Eddie grew up as a hunter giving him different values than someone who worships nature. Understanding the background of the characters was how I approached the second, most difficult essay.  

Rhetorical Knowledge

            The micro-level editing that I have become skilled at is continuing to re-read my essay aloud in order to hear any structure issues or grammatical issues. This is something I struggled with in high school, but is something that I started practicing throughout the semester because of my tutor. When I have my weekly meetings with my tutor Julien, we go over essays or outlines that I have due. One thing that helps reading out loud is when my tutor asks me to read my essays. Doing this I am able to catch grammatical errors because reading in my head doesn’t allow myself to catch the little mistakes. What I need to continue working on is my grammar because I still have trouble with little grammatical errors and sentence structures. Going into writing 102 next semester, in order to make sure progress is continued I will sign up for tutoring with my tutor hopefully in order to keep building on what we left off this semester.



The weakest essay in my opinion is essay number three. This is my weakest for multiple reasons and the main reason is because I rushed it. This assignment was rushed because at first I followed the syllabus to see when this essay was due. Originally on the syllabus it said it was supposed to be due after thanksgiving break, however it ended up being due by the Monday before break. Having the assignments mixed up, I had to talk to my professor in order to get an extension to the Monday after break. Now being able to have the extension, my process was rushed now because I felt a lot of pressure. The steps I took were rushed because over thanksgiving break, my time management was not good due to the laziness that overwhelmed me. Looking back at the essay, many improvements can be made grammatically because when I re-read this in class, many mistakes were seen with how I repeated my thoughts. Many improvements can build from this essay. 

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