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Focus Group: Ad Analysis Essay

Introduction: Imagine that you are a member of a focus group.  A focus group is a “group of people whose opinions about something (such as a politician or a new product) are studied to learn the opinions that can be expected from a larger [population]” (“Focus Group”).


Assignment: In this assignment, you will write an analysis documenting the stereotypes you notice in an advertisement. You will select one magazine advertisement that incorporates stereotypes about a group you belong to. Please select a magazine you are familiar with.

·         Identify the stereotype/s present in the ad and explain how the bias (negative assumptions) negatively impacts your community.

·         Ultimately, offer solutions to revise the advertisement to fulfill two requirements:

o   Remove Stereotypes from the ad (racial, sexist, ageist, heterosexist, etc.)

o   Incorporate suggestions that make the product or service attractive to your community.


Purpose: Local (immediate) You have several purposes for this essay which include: becoming familiar with your community, anticipating issues your community might face, introduction to research facilities available on campus, entering a conversation with your communities’ peers.

Global: (long term/future) to strengthen your ability to analyze various texts, to reinforce your ability to evaluate and reflect on various texts, and to begin the process of becoming involved in your academic or professional community.

Audience: Your audience includes members outside of your community that want to sell a product (i.e. advertisers and marketing executives) You must maintain an appropriate, knowledgeable, and balanced tone throughout your discussion of the issue. Writer: View yourself as a member of a focus group. You have been asked to help make the advertisement more persuasive.

Prewriting Activity:

·         Upload a copy of your advertisement to Elearn. Write two brief paragraphs describing your initial reactions to the text. This assignment is due at 11:59pm the day of your Mandatory Conference.


You will compose a minimum 1100 word essay (No more than 1200 words). Also, remember to include a word count at the end of your document. You must also incorporate a work cited page and in text citations within your paper.

Format àMLA(endorsement and header), Times New Roman 12pt. font, double spaced, work cited page, in text citations. Be sure to include a word count at the end of your rough and final drafts. You must upload your drafts  to the dropbox on Elearn before class on the day they are due.


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