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ERP System Products

ERP System Products

If you were trying to sell the purchase of an ERP system to your boss, what would you say to convince him/her of its value to your career industry?

Find two ERP system products on the Internet and prepare a brief for your boss explaining the benefits of each and why one should be picked over the other.

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assignment as discussed with you

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1. If you xxxx trying to sell the purchase of xx ERP xxxxxx xx xxxx boss, what xxxxx xxx xxx to convince xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx xx your xxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxx resource xxxxxxxx (ERP) xx a method to integrate all the xxxx and process xx the xxxxxxx xxxx x unified system and x xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx very xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx’s world, ERP xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx all xxxxx xxx xxxxx of organization and xx xxxxxx to a wide range of function xxxx human xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx chain management, customer xxxxxxxxx management xxx xxxxxxx among others. xxx main aim of xxxx xxxxxxxx is to xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx internal xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

xxx xxxxxxxxxx of xx ERP xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx which is xxx core xx an xxx system. Each software module automates xxxxxxxx activities xx a functional xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx includes, planning, parts purchasing, inventory xxxxxxxx product distribution, order tracking, finance, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx the

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