Environmental Sustainability

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Select some product produced in your city or state that is made from earth, mineral, or energy resources. One example would be the tar paper used as a building material. You can also select some process that generates waste from the product itself, ie, disposable diapers. (Do not use these examples). Items that are grown (as in vegetables, trees, etc.) are not an earth or mineral resource!

Prepare a 13-15 slide powerpoint presentation on a project you would like to institute to reduce waste associated with the production of the specific product you selected. The 13 – 15 slide count will be inclusive of the title slide and reference slide. You should also be sure to have an introductory slide and concluding slide. Include an assessment of the following:

 Analysis of the waste associated with your resource, whether from production of the product or usage of the product

Advantages and disadvantages of using alternate resources

The notes section of the powerpoint (on each slide) MUST contain the paragraphs of information about the slide itself. These should be the things you would be saying to the audience as you present the material. They MUST be at least 100 words per slide.


 Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. All images on the slides themselves MUST be cited and referenced appropriately. 

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