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environmental science

Environmental Science/Community Environmental Issue

Community Environmental Issue


Communities across the United States face environmental issues. To see what issues are confronting your community, go to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website located at:


 Enter your zip code(10314)


Scroll down to My Environmental Reports. If the reports are insufficient you may search your own state’s department of environmental protection or department of environmental quality (state agency names may vary but are easily accessible through an Internet search).


 Choose an environmental report about an issue in your state or community.


Write a 700 word paper answering these questions:




· What is the issue?


· Why is this an environmental sustainability issue?


· Whom does it affect?


· What are the causes of the issue?


· What are the environmental regulations related to this issue?


· How has this environmental issue been regulated or not regulated in the past?


· What solutions are proposed?




Format your paper according to APA standards.




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Community Environmental Issue

body preview (3 words)

Community xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

file1.doc preview (889 words)

Running Head: COMMUNITY xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx ISSUE � xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxx Environmental xxxxxx

xxxxxxx’x Name

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx


Water xx an xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx life xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxx xx xxxxx determines how healthy the organisms xxxxxxxxx xx it will be; xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx the dependants are most xxxxxx xx get sick and xxxxx case scenario, xxxx If the xxxxx is xxxxx xxx xxxxx then the organisms xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx has xxxxxxxxx xx xx assessed xxxx predefined water quality standards which xxx xxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxxxxx Protection xxxxxx before being put into effect xxxxx the Clean xxxxx Act. xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx elements; xxx designated areas for xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx organisms xxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx preventing xxxxx xxxx deteriorating xxxx its current

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