Environmental Science

The term paper/presentation is to cover an environmental organization, which contributes directly to helping stabilize, reverse, or conserve a particular environmental issue.


1. Introduction:

Where?, When?, Who (Private, Federal, City entity)?, What (Objectives, purpose organization)?, Why?         

(Once you have decided on an organization, go to the library and gather additional information from books or Journals on the type of work your organization does)

2. Materials & Methods:     How are they trying to accomplish their objectives?

3. Results / Conclusions.
4. Your observations, take on the organization. 

5. Include at least 3 references. 



1)    APA format

2)    3 full typed pages, double spaced

3)    At least 4 references  

4)    1 quote from a leading authority from the organization   


Deliverable Length:
3 - 4 pages, not including title, abstract and reference pages
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