enviromental science


short answers questions


1. Discuss prerequisites for a sustainable society. Why should people from all walks of life be involved?


 2. Humans are altering abiotic and biotic factors on local scales. What are some ways humans alter abiotic and biotic environments? How do these alterations affect ecosystems on a larger scale?


 3. What problems arise when a species is introduced from a foreign ecosystem and why do these problems occur? If a species is introduced to new environment, what factors determine whether the species will adapt to its new environment? Once introduced to a new environment, can a species undergo changes that eventually create a new species (speciation)?


4. Describe how differences in climate cause Earth to be partitioned into major biomes. Then explain why tundra and desert ecosystems support a much smaller animal biomass than tropical rain forests. Lastly, identify and describe the biotic and abiotic components of the biome where we live.


 5. Some people argue that each individual animal has intrinsic right to survival. Should this right be extended to all organisms? For example, what about mosquitoes, tigers, bacteria or kudzu? Explain you answer.


6. China has a one-child policy, introduced in 1979, limiting citizen' living in high population areas to 1 child if a boy is first and 2 if a girl or disabled child is born first. While other countries such as Ital and Germany have very low birthrates, not even replacing the current population. What are the possible problems you can foresee in these countries?


7.  List the various impacts that are caused by the process of exploratory drilling to eventual gasoline usage. Then include a few ways we can reduce at least one of these impacts.


8. Explain what you feel should be the energy policy of the United States, based on the various energy options we discussed in class. Which energy source should be promoted, and which should be discouraged? Suggest laws and taxes that might be used to bring your policy into everyday use. Give a rationale for each of your recommendations.




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