The assignment is to identify a business of interest, suitable to start and has marketappeal. The steps required to follow is:
1. Business idea identification: A. making a list of 10 things I like 
B. Making a list of 10 things I'm good at. C. Identifying 3 business opportunities that reflect a match between an item from all three lists. 
(I CAN DO THIS PART.) The second step is:
2. Development and initial testing: A. describe the business idea (200-250 words in paragraph form.) B. Test the feasibility of the business idea (There is a worksheet for this.) C. Prepare the feasibility profile for the business idea by specifying the score for each of the three areas on the work sheet. For each area, the scores can range from (-8), denoting a low potential, to (+8) denoting high potential. Provide the numerical score (Total the columns) 
3. Feasibility Summary:Building on the analysis from the 2B and 2C, summarize the feasibility analysis and the overall likelihood of success:

-1 paragraph summary of the major strengths of the idea
-1 paragraph summary of the challenges such a business will face
-1 paragraph conclusion on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) how does your business idea rank with justifications.

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