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  1. Go to a place of your choice and observe this place for 15-20 minutes, making notes of what you observe. Be sure to use all five senses. Please note: you may not use your home or your yard for this assignment. Some good places are the zoo, a park, a movie theater, a café, a shopping mall. Do not rely on memories of a place you have been to before; this will not fulfill the assignment properly.
  1. Write two descriptions of this place, each conveying a different dominant impression and each consisting of 125-175 words. Describe only what you observed during your 15-20 minute period.
  1. Write an analysis of 200-250 words. In your analysis, do the following:
    • Explain how you created the differing impressions (what strategies you used). See strategies #2-5 on pages 47-48 for help with this. (Remember, you may not use strategy #1.) Cite specific examples of each strategy you used.
    • Identify the most important thing you have learned as a writer from this exercise.
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