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Week 2 Forum: Sentence Structure and In-Text Citation

Forum Goal: Read an article and provide a textual example within your initial response

Read “Once More to the Lake” by E. B. White, pp. 97-100, and “Androgynous Man” by Noel Perrin, pp. 243-244. Select one of the pieces to write about.

Both of these stories involve trips or vacations, time spent away from the author’s everyday environment. Both deal with memory and growing up.

Take a look at how the author uses sentences to give details of the vacation or the trip. Are the sentences long, short, poetic, matter of fact? 

Then write about whether you think the author is successful in creating an interesting or moving piece about memory. What makes the writing successful for you?

Select a favorite sentence from the piece and include it, like this:

“I read all the interesting articles in a couple of magazines I had, and then I went back and read all the dull stuff."

Why is it a favorite for you? What was your reaction when you read it, and how did the author evoke that reaction?


Do not post attachments to the forum. Type your answers in the text box provided or paste your material from Microsoft Word.

Make your initial posts to the Forum by 11:55pm ET, Wednesday. Initial posts should be at least 200- 300 words. 

Students are expected to post on three separate days each week for full credit. During the week, read the messages posted by your instructor and classmates and join the discussion. Your instructor may ask questions, provide explanations, and include links to other resources. 

Please respond to at least 2 classmates, and in your response posts, try to bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further.  

To earn a higher grade on each week's discussion, students are expected to post more frequently. Posting three times in a week will earn a grade of a C. Four posts of high quality according to the rubric will earn a B, and five high quality posts according to the rubric earn an A.

Remember, the Forums are our place for classroom discussion. 

Your response posts need to be at least 50-100 words, and all posts are due by 11:55pm, ET, Sunday.

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