English Essay Assignment!!! For Aristotle only!!!


Hi. I need the essay that you wrote 8 pages long revised.


 This assignment is 8 pages long. It is due May 24th 10AM


I need the essay to have the following:


1. Needs thesis comparing what the researchers say how it confirms the moral offer of informed consent.

2. Use topic sentences to narrate and introduce your source and use signal verbs to set up resource.

3. Use more set up sentences to discuss resources.

4. You must paraphrase in your own words without quotations

5. You must always start paragraph as narrator setting up source.


I am giving you a list of signal verbs below that you can use to set up resources:



 I am attaching the essay that needs to be revised.


Note: This is being revised as a research paper

Also, you must paraphrase in your own words without quotations while revising.


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