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Essay 2: Equity in Education--Race and Ethnicity



You will again practice responding to other people’s ideas in your own writing. This essay helps you develop that skill further as you analyze a writer’s ideas and evaluate the potential impacts of those ideas. As you craft your own argument, you will work on thesis development, organization, revision, and editing.


Required Readings

Prior to writing your essay, you will read and discuss Lisa Delpit’s Multiplication is for White People: Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children. You will also read chapter 21 and part of chapter 22 of The West Guide to Writing: Success through the Sequence from Community College to University.



Our theme for this unit in class is “Educational Equity.” Throughout her book, Delpit examines the reasons inner-city students of color consistently have lower success rates in education than their white middle and upper class counterparts. Think about how that issue ties to our discussion and your ideas about equity.  How does Delpit explain the gap? How does she recommend educational institutions work to close this gap?


Writing Task 

Consider the questions above as you write a three- to five-page essay in which you:



Choose two of Delpit’s recommendations, and

analyze how they would work to close the achievement gap.


The following steps will help you write an excellent essay: 

1.              Read Delpit’s book closely and carefully. Choose two or three reading strategies, such as          Talking to the Text, Taking Notes, Asking Questions, Discussing with a Friend, and Making  

Connections to help you understand what she says. 

2.              Do your metacognitive reading logs completely and on time. 

1.      Meet with your group outside of class at least once to discuss the reading and to plan how to lead the discussion on your assigned day. 

4.              Record your ideas on the T-Chart. 

5.              Review your T-Chart and your metacognitive reading logs prior to the Synthesis Quiz. 

6.              Write (and type, double-spaced) a completed draft of your essay. 

7.              Revise your essay based on your classmates’ feedback and bring the revised draft to class. 

8.              Edit and polish your draft based on your classmates’ feedback and submit your final draft.  

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