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I need the below text to be re-written, re-worded with the same meaning. I also need a half page summary of the Brandon teen movie.



Chapter 12: Begins by trying to come to a consensus of the real definition of family; however, because society is continuously changing it is difficult to define and create a prototype of “true family.” I also found it was interesting to research ho time has hanged even from 50 years ago when endogamy, or marrying someone from the same group was extremely common and to some extent expected. Today there is much more diversity which means that exogamy, meaning marrying someone from a different social group is more common. The term anomie caught my attention; Durkheim stated that people during the industrial revolution suffered from normlessness resulting in suicide (359). I think that it is unfortunate that race and ethnicity (terms created by society) carries a “high price” as the book states because this means we suppress each other. In the book a comment is made about the unequal ethnic distribution in the workforce. “If jobs were truly given to people regardless of racial or ethnic identity, we would expect to see the same distributions across occupations (237). Racial profiling is a daily part of every minorities life especially those seeking a way out of unemployment and unable to because of stereotypes. Chapter 13: Commodification of recreational activities is something extremely common today in the American culture. People enjoy the media on television or on line through electronics costing over 7 billion yearly. The media is a tool of social change from latest electronics to the latest movements to improve society. Self-regulation and censorship is still an issue today even after the court ruling of 1959. The line between obscene and indecent grows thinner every day, with the mass media of celebrities doing drugs and appearing half naked on “award shows” and not to mention the music and videos the new generations are exposed to. Most would argue that “real art” is endangered, and although I can agree to some extent, the creativity of today’s generation for whatever reason is astonishing the motive might not be the best but the outcome is innovation

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