English body paragraph in an hr


I am really in a hurry about this essay just need one page and half body paragraph about this esssy in ONE hour let me know if you can help me. Dont do it if you cant !!! Really in a hurry !!!


To prepare: Review.   Remember that you will need to develop criteria to evaluate the degree to which the film Not In Our Town/Light Into Darkness enhanced your understanding of the book we just read Hunting Season.  You will want to establish at least 4 criteria by which you will evaluate the film.  The criteria you establish will be your body paragraphs.

To structure this essay you will need:

    The Introduction where you briefly summarize the film.  At the end of the introduction, you will have your thesis where you present your overall evaluation and the criteria.


    Body paragraphs that focus on each of the criteria you establish.  You will use examples from the film to support your claims.

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