English assignment


Begin reading JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy in preparation for your final essay, due May 13th. 

Essay prompt for The Casual Vacancy

One reviewer of The Casual Vacancy writes "From beginning to end, J.K. Rowling provoked her readers to make disparaging judgments about several carefully crafted characters. One character in particular, Stuart (Fats) Walls, elicited outrage and provoked flaming accusations from the audience. However, as one scrutinizes what appear to be Rowling’s strong but debatable opinions on the blameworthiness of Pagford’s citizens, these initial reactions may prove to be premature."

As you read The Casual Vacancy watch and observe the character's reactions to each other and to the situations they face. In a 1200 word essay, analyze how Rowling portrays moral responsibility through the lives of her characters and setting. In your essay, you will need to define moral responsibility. 

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