English 113A[]- Major Essay Project #1   Reading and Responding to Texts   In a thesis driven, argumentative essay, defend a clear position usingtwo...


English 113A- Major Essay Project #1


Reading and Responding to Texts


In a thesis driven, argumentative essay, defend a clear position usingtwo selected essays

From Chapter 14 of They Say/ I Say.




Skim the Table of Contents that lists the titles of included publications. Read the publications that spark your interest and select two of these publications that you feel you will be able to analyze. Read each publication carefully, taking note of which argument you feel is more successful.




Present an analysis on the structure of the author’s argument in each article, proving why one argument is stronger than the other. Do not challenge the topic the author has discussed. Consider aspects such as the evidence, argument, and tone used by the authors. As this is an argumentative essay, the goal of your writing should be to persuade your audience to agree with your position.




The purpose of this essay is to make a claim and support it with evidence from the essays and outside research. You are attempting to prove something while at the same time attempting to persuade your reader to hold your position. Remember that claims without support are just opinion, so extensive support will be necessary.




4 Double Spaced Pages
MLA Style with Proper Heading
3 Academic Sources (Parenthetical References Required)
Times New Roman Font
12pt Font Size
1” Margins


Due Dates:


The essay will be due in portions as a first draft, second draft, and final draft. It is important that you complete your work on time so that you can participate in our Peer Review sessions. Please make arrangements to go to the Writing Lab at the LRC if you need any assistance with this essay, and as always, you can come see me with any questions or anxiety you may be experiencing.


ThuMarch 13th by11:59PM:Invention Strategy (No Clusters)
ThuMarch 13th    by11:59PM:Draft 2.1 (2 Page Minimum)
ThuMarch 20st     by11:59PMDraft 2.2(Complete Draft)
ThuMarch 27th  by11:59PM: Draft 2.3(Complete Draft)








Major Essay Project 2 Grade Sheet


Essay Requirements


Invention Strategy(2.0)/5

Complete Thoughts
Effort Evident

Draft 1- (2.1)/10

Creative Title
Working Thesis Statement 
Complete Topic Sentences
Development of Argument
Proper Formatting
Two Full Pages

Peer Review-/5

Constructive Criticism


Draft 2- (2.2)/30

Revised Thesis Statement
Sufficient Revision
Counter Argument
Organization and Development
Complete Draft
Works Cited
Proper Formatting

Draft 3- (2.3)/50

Sufficient Revision
Effective and Logical Argument
Academic Discourse
Proper Formatting & Submission


Major Essay Project 2 /100



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